Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wear my jewelry in the shower, the pool, and in rain?
Yes, all of our jewelry is made with pure cotton string that is then lightly coated in a wax. While they are totally water proof some soaps may cause the colors to fade and not be as bright over time. The penny will in time start to gain a “patina” but will never lose its imprint.

Why a penny, what is the significance?
There is huge significance in taking something seen as worthless, and creating a thing of beauty. It's a metaphor for our lives with an inspiring message that you can and will look at daily. For more info check out our ‘About’ page.

Can I clean and make my penny shine again?
Yes, You can use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to bring it back to a like new sparkle. It also makes it smell minty fresh!

Do you support words in other languages?
No, we only have the English / Latin alphabet (A-Z), Numbers (0-9) and these punctuation marks (! . , ? # @ ( ) " $ &)  as well as a star and a heart stamp. For any other language you can still spell it out phonetically (for example love in Chinese would be “ai”)

How many characters are you able to fit on a penny?
We can fit up to 3 lines of text on all items. On our bracelets you can fit up to 7 characters on lines one and three and up to 5 characters on line 2 (19 characters in total), for all other items you can fit 7 characters on all 3 lines (21 characters in total).

Can i put more characters on the back?
We can only stamp your message on one side of the penny as our company brand "PNY PRJKT" is already pre-stamped on the tails side of the penny.

What happens if my item breaks?
if your item breaks within 30 days of purchasing it, please send it back to us and we will gladly fix or replace it! Our items are designed to last for several months of constant wear in all conditions.

Does PNY PRJKT donate to charity?
Yes, we donate a portion of all proceeds to charities that support mental health awareness.



Can I change my imprint after an order is placed?
Once an order is placed you are unable to change your imprint. This is because all of our pieces are custom and usually made within a short period of time from you placing your order.  Please be double check all of your spelling before finalizing your order.

What is the Return, Refunds and Order Cancellation Policy?
All purchases made through our website are final. We do offer same item exchanges for any product that is damaged upon arrival.

What is the policy for a Defective item?
If your item breaks within 30 days of purchasing it, or if there is a defect in the penny such as a misspelled word please send it back to us and we will gladly fix or replace your item!

You can email us at with your order number and a photo of your defective product and we will respond within one working day.

Please note “defective” is only for misspellings or receipt of the wrong product.  Preference for spacing or alignment is not considered defective. Please remember these items are all unique and totally handmade, so any perceived “imperfections” are actually part of the charm of the bracelet. It serves as a reminder that no one is perfect.



What is the expected production and shipping time on my item?
We usually handcraft each item within a few hours of receiving your order, but it will never take longer than 2 business days (we operate Monday thru Friday) after receiving your order for your item to be produced. Once production is completed your item is immediately packaged and shipped. The shipping time depends upon the shipping option you choose at checkout. Please note shipping times specified when checking out do not include time for production, also these times shown are estimates and are subject to postal delays beyond our control.

Do you ship outside the USA?
Yes we do. Please note that all customs and import duties are the responsibility of the customer. These charges will vary depending on the destination country.

What about a returned Shipment?
Very rarely some packages are returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address. Our system will automatically attempt to pre-verify the address you enter at checkout, but please understand that if you enter an invalid address we cannot be responsible and we will have to charge a reshipping fee to resend your item(s).